Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Teaser...;)

Okay guys! I wanted to give you a heads up... I have some really awesome stuff coming down the pipe line soon. This includes reviews and giveaways!!! EEEKKK~!!!! Anybody else feel my excitement?? :)

One of the reviews/giveaways coming up is from Samuel L. Collins and Search For Biblical Truths. Go ahead and stop by and check it out. I will be giving a review on it the coming weeks and also giving away a DVD! Can't wait.

Also I have a phonics program coming in soon that I'll be sharing as well. Super excited about the things coming up.
What do you have going on in your neck of the woods this weekend?

If you get a chance be sure to check out the Finding New Friends Blog Hop as well!

Happy Saturday!!!

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