Monday, June 11, 2012

Samuel L Collins DVD Giveaway and Review

Singapore DVD

Homeschooling means choosing carefully which curriculum you think fits best with your family. That can be difficult at times because every child/family is different. For my son, he loves videos and media such as that to help get the point across. I have learned in the past year that sometimes these items can explain it to him much better than I can. ;) So we like to use lots of different media and extras in our homeschool.

I met Kristi about a month ago when I was on the search for a Bible curriculum for this year that could help my kiddo grasp the concepts. She and her family have been homeschooling in Tampa for over 10 years and have developed a wonderful concept, Samuel L Collins, The Search for Biblical Truths.

Now when I say I have a full fledged boy, I mean a full fledged boy. We are talking spy kid, kung fu chopping bad guys, super hero all the way boy. So when I saw that Kristi's family had created a children's series that was full of exciting adventures and spy quests,  I knew it would be right up our alley.

Boo Bear loved it from the very beginning. The Singapore DVD draws you in from the moment it starts and has great graphics and exciting music to keep you on the edge of your seat. You'll see Kristi right alongside her family as they have written and starred in all of these wonderful videos. My son loved every minute of it and wanted to watch it again and again. As a mom I loved the way they presented the scriptures and how Samuel learned a wonderful lesson. My son also learned a lesson and it reminds you to spend time with God daily.

Kristi's family traveled around the country and the globe to shoot this wonderful series. They are excited about doing work for the Kingdom and helping children just like ours learn valuable lessons.You can also check out Kristi's daughter at her site to see how she wrote and created a film when she was only 9 years old.

Now to the giveaway!! You can win this wonderful action packed DVD for your homeschool family. Kristi was kind enough to send an extra copy so I can give it to one of my readers! The mandatory entry is to comment on this blog post about why you would love to win this DVD and how you would use it in your homeschool or home bible curriculum. There are several ways you can enter so be sure to do them all to up your chances ;) Kristi also has a wonderful coupon code that we will be sharing with those who do not win the DVD. So be sure to come by and enter to win as often as you can and please share it with your friends!!!

**Disclosure- I received a copy of this DVD for free in return for a review. These are my opinions and my thoughts**

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