Friday, July 13, 2012

MHJ: Organizing and Vacation

In my life this week... It has been a whirlwind. My kiddo is visiting his grandparents. While there, their dog was hit by a car and did not make it. It has been a rough week on them and on me not being able to be there. I was so thankful for a girls night out with friends this week to help me deal with all the emotions that were bombarding me. I am excited that he's coming home tomorrow so I can get some much needed cuddles and hugs. I also spent this week busy cleaning and organizing...

In our homeschool this week...  Well since he is not here... Mommy cleaned our room up and got things moved and put away so we can officially start 1st grade in a couple weeks!! I also ordered our last curriculum we needed which was math and science. I am going to be joining the ihomeschool networks back to school blog hop in August so I will be sharing more on what we are using for the year. I am super excited to be getting ready for a new year and we are both ready for our routine again ;-)

Place's we're going... I had a wonderful week visiting friends and spending time with my hubby. Last weekend I got to meet a friend for lunch that I haven't seen for fourteen years. It was a nice time. This week I had the girls night out and last night I had a wonderful date night with my hubby :) It was a great week but I am missing my kiddo.

I'm reading... I am working on a new book from the library and I am also working on curriculum books. Reading the new math method I will be using so I am more familiar with it.

I'm cooking... We had steaks one night, meatball subs, and we went out a couple nights. Tonight I am thinking maybe stirfry??

I'm praying for... My parents with the loss of their beloved pet. Safe travels and friends who are in need.

I'm grateful for... Wonderful friends who help you along the way. Wonderful family and a great hubby and son.

A pic of the week... Here's our homeschool room.. .I am so excited to get started.. Oh and the back to school supply sales are already starting!! EEKKK!!!

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