Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Moments

Good Monday Morning to ya! How are things in your neck of the woods? Pretty good here. My little man came home this weekend from spending the past week at his grandparents house. I am so glad he gets to go visit them like that and have that special time but I was glad he came home ;). Daddy told him it was too quiet with him gone like that. :-)

The next few weeks are gearing up to be busy and fun. Boo Bear starts a local camp at the theater today for the week and then next week is our big back to school week. I will be sharing in a few weeks all about this year's homeshcool curriculum, room and goals with the ihomeschool Networks Not Back to School Blog Hop.  I'm really excited about that too. I love seeing all the other new ideas that others have that spark something in me. I am super excited about the changes we have for this year and all the fun field trips and classes he can now participate in. This should be exciting!!

We had a fun time this weekend getting our little man back. We also went to the local pool yesterday for just a little while. It started storming on us so we had to leave but it was just enough to wear everyone out. ;-) That was our first time heading out there this year and to be honest I'm not sure why.  Do you ever feel like you have all these wonderful summer time plans and somehow the time just gets away from you? That's exactly how I feel. I feel like we haven't done much at all. But then again it is pretty crazy hot down here and it's hard to do much outside a lot of times. Is it bad I'm already ready for fall and winter to arrive? Just so we can go outside and play without having to sweat buckets??

What's up your sleeve for the week? I hope you have a blessed week and a wonderful Monday!

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