Friday, July 20, 2012

MHJ: Superhero Camp Week

In our life this week... It has been extremely busy. My little guy has been going to superhero camp all week. While he has had fun he is also ready for it to be over with. We have both had a reminder of one of the reasons we love homeschooling. ;) We don't like having to be anywhere first thing in the morning every...

In our homeschool this week... We are gearing up to start school on Monday! Yeah!!! Well... Start school and ease our way back into our school routine. We are both ready to go. We did a little work this week as he just couldn't stand it. We worked on learning a little bit about Alabama. We are going to be doing our Geography curriculum this year and I am hoping it works out. I talk about the states a little bit and he kind of glazes over. LOL SO... not sure how that is going to work but we have lots of fun stuff coming up. We made a couple of Erica from Confessions of a homeschooler summer boredom busters. These were awesome. We made the fun and easy homemade crayons and we also had a blast playing with the Moondough.  These are just two of the many ideas she shares and we had a blast. We will have to do some more of these next week!

Questions/thoughts I have... I am wondering on the Geography. I have to figure out how to make it more fun and how to get him interested. He is pretty good and knowing where most of his states are already. (Thanks to Stack the States on my iPhone) I am hoping that it works out with this curriculum because it is really great. How do you make a sometimes boring subject more exciting?

Places we're going and People we're seeing... We of course had superhero camp everyday this week. We went to the library a few times as well for fun pj parties and story time programs. We also had a blast this week visiting Chuck E Cheese with friends. The kiddos had a blast playing.

I'm cooking... I made a new recipe last night called Velveeta Cheesy Stroganoff and it was really yummy. My kiddo loved it and the hubby did too. I will share that one with you next week :)

I'm reading... A couple things. I started Bringing Up Boys last night by Dr. James Dobson. I told my hubby after reading the first chapter I was already reading about our kiddo. LOL I am looking forward to this one. I am also working on a mystery by Leslie Meier but I'm not making much progress. It's got to where I can't get into a lot of the books lately. So I will just keep on till I find something that grabs me ;)

A picture of the week...  Boo Bear stood up in front of the story time to draw the pictures for the other kids to guess. I was really proud of him because he doesn't typically do that when it comes to his drawing. ;) He had a blast!

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