Friday, August 31, 2012

The Power Of The Prophetic Blessing Review

I was blessed to receive a free copy of John Hagee's book The Power of the Prophetic Blessing in exchange for my review. I have been working on reading this book and honestly haven't gotten to far into it.
I have watched him on tv for many years both as a child and sporadically as an adult. I do enjoy listening to him on tv and do agree with some of the things said.

For me, the book is going slowly but,for me, most do when it is not a fictional tale. I have enjoyed what I have read so far. I do find one reoccurring theme in both my reading and those who have read the book. The power of life and death are in the tongue. You can speak positivist and blessings into your life and others or you can speak negative and discord into others. While I am carefully reading this book to determine more of what John Hagee has to say, I do find this has been true throughout my life and others.
When you speak negatively you will start to feel negative and things you do will start to reflect it. No one wants to be around a "negative Nelly". When you speak life and positive things into your day, your day goes much better.

This book would make for a great study and debate within a bible study group I think this would also be great for a personal study and inflection for you to dive into.

If you get a chance to pick it up then by all means grab it. I have loved other things he has written and I'm sure I'll enjoy this as I finish it.

The Power of the Prophetic Blessing

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