Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday Moments: Progress and Changes

Happy Labor Day Monday to ya! Things here are starting to get back to normal. We had to let Charlie go live with Nana and Poppy this weekend. I think things for him will be much better and things will be much calmer for us. I hated to let him go but sometimes you have to do that. You have to take care of the dog as much as your family. So we are back to a one dog family and will most likely stay that way until this hound dog crosses over the rainbow bridge.

In weight loss progress I am seeing some changes. I am super excited because my experiment is working. Okay, not really an experiment but my plan. I already knew it would but it just proved to me this weekend that it does. I am eating very limited carbs because 1) I am a type 2 diabetic and it's better for me and 2) I can tell such a huge difference in my energy and my body when I do. Eating the right carbs is critical. I found that out this weekend. Last week I was doing wonderful and actually having to force myself to eat something. This weekend I made Zuchinni Banana Bread(recipe coming tomorrow) and had that for breakfast on Saturday. Bad idea... When I eat carbs like that in the mornings it seems to set me on a bad eating plan all day. It makes me want to eat all day long. So I have discovered ( already knew but had to prove it to myself) that eating low carb/high fiber items for breakfasts make my days go much smoother and less hungry feeling. So that's my discovery for the weekend ;) I lost .4 pounds this week so that is good. A small loss but nonetheless a loss. I also started the C25K program again this weekend. Hopefully I can get through it this time but we will have to see how my knees let me do. I am doing this so I am ready for the 5K I am walking in for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in November. BTW if you would like to you can stop by and make a donation to the team I am on. It goes straight to the American Cancer Society and it is very easy!!

We are taking a relaxing Monday today and back to school tomorrow. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead and a great Labor Day!!!

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