Friday, September 28, 2012

Wrapping Up The Week

In my life this week... It has been a busy week. We were coming and going most days. Boo Bear has been recovering from a stomach virus that attacked him last weekend. So we have been busy but taking it easy.. Is that possible?

In our homeschool this week... We participated in the International Homeschool Spirit Week this week and have had an absolute blast! We did most everyday's theme and really enjoyed shaking it up a bit. I know when I was school that week was always my favorite week of school. I am super glad we started it in homeschool too.
On Monday we went to homeschool away from home at the nature trail close by. We found lots of beautiful butterflies floating around the first part of the trail.
He knows a LOT about Monarch butterflies so he was telling me all about them. Those things are some awesome creatures. Alas, I can't say that I have taught him and he has learned it all from me though. ;-) That came from his all time favorite show The Wild Kratts.

On Tuesday we did comfy cozy day and had school time on Mommy's bed. :)
While I wish he was this content to read all the time we have been kind of having a struggle of will power over his reading this week. He does all his other school work without problems. That reading is a booger though. Mommy decided yesterday that we will start earning our video game time by reading a book. The more books he gets through the more time he gets. ;) He liked that idea. He can read it is just getting him to want to. We found those Mario books and I think I would have him reading all the time if I could get my hands on them. But they were published in the early 90's and it is a little more difficult getting them than I would have hoped. (sigh) That's okay though because he is doing well, when he wants to.

In history we talked about the Egyptians some more. We checked out a book from the library to talk about how they did things. we are about to chapter 3 or 4 in the Story of the World Volume 1. So we are slowly working on that.

In Science we are working on the whales chapter. This is interesting. We are doing Apologia's Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day. He is loving it and so am I. We did our experiment yesterday seeing how long it took plain water and salt water to freeze. It was quite fun going and checking and seeing the differences. We also drew a picture of a whale, which he did quite well on, and made a fall leaf tree with his handprint. :) Overall a full and busy week.

Places we're going and people we're seeing... We had martial arts twice this week and our first official cub scouts meeting. He is now selling popcorn for cub scouts :)

My favorite thing this week... We introduced Boo Bear to VHS tapes and we watched our wedding last night. That was my absolute favorite thing this week I do believe. It was so neat watching our wedding with our son. He got to see three grandparents that have been promoted to their heavenly homes. It was also touching for me to see those grandparents too. I miss them so.

Questions/thoughts I have... How did you teach the blending with your phonics? He knows the sounds to all the letters, knows what they make and even knows the different vowel sounds. I have two phonics books here but I am just looking for some fresh ideas to help encourage him and me. ;)

Things I'm cooking...  I made some whole wheat pumpkin cookies with a glaze icing. I loved them. They were not too sweet as I used a Splenda/Sugar blend and the whole wheat flour. Awesome!!! My hubby would have preferred them sweeter but my son and I really enjoyed them.

I'm praying for... My brother and his wife. They have been fighting walking pneumonia and other sicknesses in their home. For family and friends.

I'm grateful for...  A lot. Check out my Thankful Thursday post here. :)

A video, quote or photo of the week... Here's our sharky socks for crazy sock day ;)

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