Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Moments

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Lovely I hope! We had a nice weekend here. Relaxing yesterday at home. Saturday was quite busy though. We went bowling with my son's cub scout pack and had a great time. Some friends of ours came too and it was their children's first time to go bowling ;). We had a blast. Then lunch afterwards made the perfect end to a Saturday with friends.

I am excited on the weight loss progress I am having too. I know it's slow and steady but that's how the race is won ;) I get frustrated at times but I have found a great support group with MFP and a group on Facebook that keeps me accountable. I have started making myself get up and do some exercise on the Wii Fit Board and I love it. ;) I enjoyed it before but life just gets so hectic sometimes and you have great intentions. So I am trying to turn my intentions into actions.

We have a full week ahead of us again this week and the next. We have a trip to the aquarium, a family reunion picnic and school plus two martial arts days AND cub scouts. This week. Whew!!! I am already tired just thinking about it. :)

I have a question for you... Do you do a meal plan for your weeks or months? I know I see a lot of bloggers that post their meal plans on their sites. I do this sometimes and others not so much. I am not sure why I don't. I know that I save money when I make a meal plan for the week and then just buy what I need for it. Sometimes it works out for a few weeks and inevitably something throws it off and I am back in my rut of running to the store for what I need. How do you plan your meals on busy weeks? Do you find it helps you to? Maybe I'll start an experiment of even better yet a challenge! How does that sound? Maybe I should construct a meal plan for the month of October to see how much I save on groceries... What sounds good?

Let me know!

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