Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Wrap up

In our life this week... We have had a busy week. Of course in all honesty I like those weeks. Sometimes they come right after each other and other time's not so much... This week we had cub scouts, 2 martial arts trips, my doc's appointment, a library trip... Whew! ;-) Yesterday at my doc's appointment I was put on blood pressure medicine. I also had my thyroid medicine increased. While it tests normal I still have symptoms of it being low and so we adjusted it. On the up side I have officially lost 10 pounds!! WAHOO!!! ((doing the happy dance)) I am working on losing more and super excited to see some progress finally after so long. Hopefully if I lose more the BP meds will go away but we will have to see. The Doc told me though my kidneys were perfect. Above normal ;) Which for a diabetic is a great thing to hear!!

In our homeschool this week... We had a fun week. We made an acorn man, painted a dinosaur and started our subtraction chapter in math. I am so excited about Boo  Bear's reading and how it has blossomed. He is doing so well and while I couldn't find any more Mario books I have found something he loves to read. Biscuit the dog books ;-). He LOVES Biscuit. I love whatever it is he wants to read ;) He's doing so well and I am so proud of him. In Math we are working on subtraction and he is catching on really quick. He knows how to do some but I am working on him learning to count up or down from the number is has. He's progressing nicely. We finished up chapter 2 on Whales in our Apologia Swimming Creatures of the 5th day. We also visited China in our Geography study and this week we will head to Korea. We really enjoyed that trip and I love seeing him locate the places on the map and getting really interested in it.

People we're seeing and places we're going... Last weekend we had a nice family reunion at the beach. It was a great time. This weekend we are headed to a local farm/pumpkin patch for some fall fun with friends. I am super excited. I know Boo Bear is too ;) I love this time of year and lately we have even felt like fall in the early mornings ;) Hopefully it comes on and stays a while... We really could use a break from the heat...

I'm thankful for... Good test results at the doctor and working on the ones that were just okay. My kiddo, hubby and family.

I'm cooking... Velveeta beef stroganoff and tonight is Velveeta chicken spaghetti. I cooked the first one the other day and of course the grocery store didn't have the small boxes of Velveeta so that means I get to cook the spaghetti which is one of my favs anyway ;)

I'm praying for...The election. It's one of those I am ready for the name calling to be over but I am praying that the right man gets in the office. For friends, my family...

A photo of the week... My little cub scout working on his community clean up project with his group. I shared this earlier in the week but this was one of my favorite shots ;)

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