Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Moments: Fall Carnivals Begin

This is what we did this weekend ;) We went to a farm close to our home and had a great Saturday at the Fall Festival. This is Boo Bear jumping on this giant bouncy pillow. It was pretty awesome and I even got up there with him :). It was a great way to get our exercise in too.

We walked through the corn maze, only the easy maze, visited the farm store, picked up a pumpkin and went on a hayride. It was a beautiful day!!! I am so thankful that the fall weather is beginning to ease it's way here. It has been so hot for so long. We actually got to go to the park yesterday afternoon for a while too. It was so nice because we were able to get out and let Boo Bear play without sweating to death. LOL It dawned on me yesterday that Boo Bear doesn't really have a lot of FREE play time with other kids. Oh we do cub scouts, martial arts and other things but it is always structured time. Never really free time to be.. well... a kid. So I am trying to get more trips into the park this time of year. Of course when you go to the park randomly you never know what or who you will find there ;) So hoping we can get some scheduled park trips soon with friends. I do have to say I miss those trips. We used to go all the time and it was a blast. I can't remember the last time we were at this park we visited which is so very close to our house. sigh...

We visited a new church yesterday and I am super excited about it. Living where we do we are around a lot of retirement communities. This church is close to one of the largest ones and it was awesome. ;) I really enjoyed it and my son did too. He had a blast. They seem to actually have a lot of events and things for children which makes me very happy. I have been looking for a way/place to get my son where there lots of things for him to do. We either find one that he likes and I'm not crazy about or I love and he's not digging. But we both enjoyed this one and hopefully it's our new home.

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead of you. We have lots of things going on this week yet again and you know, I wouldn't change it. ;) I do like downtime but I love being busy too! Have a blessed week!!!

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