Friday, November 16, 2012

Weekly Wrap up - What in the world is that?!!?!?

In Our Life This Week... What in the world? Monday was a normal day like any other. Tuesday Boo Bear woke up in a sad mood because he was ready to go visit his grandparents. But then it happened. "Mom what is that all over my leg?" It wasn't just all over his leg but his legS, arms, torso, back, shoulders, neck and even crept up to his face. So after a mad rush to the doc's on Tuesday morning we find out it is some type of strep rash. Huh? Where in the world did that come from? He has had allergic reactions before and honestly I thought that's what it was but I had never seen one like that... Apparently this strep bug got him and produced a huge, miserably itchy rash all over. So the rest of the week has been slow going with lots of doses of Benadryl, calamine lotion and his huge antibiotic pills. Thankfully those can be crushed into applesauce... Whew! This week did NOT go how I planned ;)

In our homeschool this week... Since it did not go how I planned, neither did our homeschool ;) We did some review sheets before our week off and we worked on a Turkey handprint picture. Actually he did that with no direction from me and did an amazing job. He did really well in his reading and keeps progressing quite nicely. I just have to keep myself from getting frustrated when he's in that I don't really want to read so I'm going to pretend I can't mode... sigh.. anyone else out there dealing with that? LOL

Science we watched several episodes of Mythbusters as he has discovered that show and loves it. That doesn't hurt mommy or daddy's feelings at all ;). It's really cool and he's learning all sorts of stuff. Sometimes it is nice to just take a break from the normal... Math we did some review as we are working on addition and subtraction. Our handwriting is slowly getting better as well. I can certainly tell a difference in this year's hand control and last years control. So proud to see him working so hard.

My favorite thing this week... Today. I am so glad to see some progress of the rash fading out. I know he is miserably itchy and it's tough. I also thoroughly enjoyed yesterday window shopping with my kiddo for Christmas decorations ;) No worries, he's not contagious any more LOL

Places we're going and people we're seeing... The doc, daddy's work, cub scouts Monday before it all broke loose, Nana on Sunday for Thanksgiving dinner and next week to my parents!

I'm grateful for... Opportunities that have opened up this week for me. It is so awesome and I can't wait! Good friends and family! Getting to see my family in a few days.

 I'm cooking... meatballs, steak n cheese sandwiches, and last night we had some yummy pizza.. (delivered... it was a long day)

A video, photo or quote I'd like to share...
Even though he was covered head to toe and itchy... He was still dancing and singing at the doc's office ;) love this kiddo!

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