Monday, November 26, 2012

We're Back! ;)

Whew! I hope you had a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving this past week. We had a lovely time visiting with my family and seeing their new babies ;) . We were busy busy and had a blast. My hubby and I also celebrated our 9 year anniversary on Thanksgiving day. We dubbed it Happy Thanksiversary! ;) LOL

We had a blast going to a movie at the place we had our first date. ( and many dates to come). It was a great time and he was so pumped after the movie he took me shopping in all the Black Friday (Thursday night) madness. We have our son almost completely finished so that was awesome!! Now it's time to decorate the tree!!! :) My kiddo is anxious to get it up and today I feel like it so that's probably what we will do. (after school of course ;))

This week looks to be a return to normalcy for us. Thankfully. We are all ready to get back to our routine if only for a little bit. I am working on school plans for this month. I don't want to completely stop doing our work because I feel that causes some issues at home. For one, when we have our structured school time he's better behaved. ;) Just like anyone else routine is key for him. So while we will be doing lots of fun things we will still be moving right along in our school work. (or at least that's the plan). I am trying to figure out some different things for this month and the start of the new year. We will be adding in our Advent study and working on that as we work on our normal work.

Do you do your normal school routine during the holidays or do you take time off? We took the week of Thanksgiving off and will of course take the two weeks of Christmas off.

I hope you have a wonderful Monday ahead and enjoy your time! Be Blessed!!

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