Friday, December 7, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up

 In our life this week.... Busy, busy oh and busy :) But honestly I wouldn't have it any other way right now ;-) Christmas movies, nature studies, Advent Calendar, hanging out with friends... It's been a very pleasant week ;) I accomplished something this week I have been wanting to do for a while. More on that later...

In our homeschool this week...It has been busy as
 well. We have been working right along on some of our normal studies. Some of it we are putting off till after Christmas. I know some people take this whole month off and we are doing an altered version of that. We are still doing school work but we are doing it in the form of  unit studies and activities. We are working on reviewing what we have learned so far this year in Math by working on the worksheets in the back of Boo Bear's work book. We are working on our spelling lessons from a new site I have been blessed to review. (review coming later on this weekend) We are working on an advent nature study we had last year and I am super excited about it. We are still doing the reading and work in our Apologia Science and are about to start reading The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. I can't wait!!

Things I'm working on... Here's where I can share what we did. I have been searching for quite sometime for a shelving unit to put in Boo Bear's room. The one I was wanting was over $60 at Target and right now that's just not something I can do. I wanted it really organized before the Christmas holiday since we will have guests in and out and he will be organized for whatever he might receive this year. So yesterday we took off to Lowe's as a final look out for something. PTL I found it!!! Not only would it work perfectly it was on sale!!! $13.57 later and this is what we found!

Yeah! His room looks great... Now if we can just keep it that way LOL...

I'm reading...The Host by Stephanie Meyer. Boy is that a big one... I hope I can make it through before it's due back .LOL We are also reading together a Jack Stalwart mystery and will soon start the Best Christmas Pageant.

I'm praying for... our Christmas musical at church, my sweet friend and her baby, and friends and family alike.

I'm grateful for... A much better week than we had last week. It was a whirl wind of a mess and this one was finally back to normal.

My favorite thing this week... Is it okay if I have a couple? One was sitting down with  my little guy and watching the Polar Express. :-) I love that movie!!! Oh and my first choir practice :) I have so missed singing in the choir and I am so thankful we have found a church to call home and get involved in :) I think my most favorite thing this past week was the experience we had in the mall parking lot. My kiddo gave his life to Christ! You can read about it here.

People we're seeing and places we're going... Tonight the church is having a kids night /parents night out. :) Boo Bear is so super excited! My hubby and I are going on an actual DATE while our little man is having a blast making ornaments, eating pizza and ice cream and watching Christmas movies with the church kiddos. :) I am praying he starts making friends there. I am sure he will as he is such an outgoing little guy.I just hope he can build some awesome relationships with some kiddos from there!

A photo of the week... I have been taking pictures and posting for the Instagram December photo a day.. Here's today's pic ;) Something bright and boy are these little guys bright on our tree ;)

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