Monday, April 29, 2013

Private School Or Homeschool? What Would You Choose?

Honestly I don't know why I'm even thinking about this. I mean I do go through these phases every once in awhile. I wonder if we are doing the right thing. I mean I know we are by keeping him from public school. But what if we had a way to send him to a great private school? I have been debating/praying for a little while since we started attending this church. We have made some great connections there and I feel God has placed us there. My thought is they have a wonderful private school at the church. They are expanding it this year and some of Boo Bear's buddies on the praise team attend there. They all love it. One mom has been talking to me about it. I just don't know...

When I have talked to Boo Bear he wants to "homeschool his whole life". ;) Other times he gets to wanting to go play with someone or do something every day... I can not fathom the thoughts of letting him go to a public school but a private school I would be okay with. ...

So I guess I'm writing here to gather my thoughts in one place. To weigh options and hear from friends I have come to trust and value their opinions. :)

On one hand... I feel God has provided us a way to homeschool. I have been blessed with being on the crew this year and have already gotten our curriculum for next year mostly. My son loves homeschooling and I love the freedom we have. I also love that we are making new friends every year and we have been blessed with many great ones.

On the other hand... I could possibly get a job at the church while he is in school and that would help our family in the financial realm. Of course we would also be paying for school now...

So I guess my question to you is... If you had the chance to do a private school or keep homeschooling which do you think you would go with? I think I already know my answer for us but I would love to hear from you! What would you do?

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