Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Top 5 Homeschool Rooms Setups

Okay so it's that time of year again for me anyway. We are transitioning from first to second grade. I am working on getting our homeschool room revamped and redone for our next year of school. I won't be changing to much about it because I do like our shelving units, but there are a few things I'll be adding. I'm still trying to figure out a workbox system for us that ... works. I love the concept. We have the Joann's craft drawer here that we have been using but I'm not sure that is what I want to do this year or not. I'm trying to figure that out too. So what do I do? I look around the web for inspiration! One of the best places I can find homeschool room ideas is Pinterest. So here are some of my faves from this week. Be sure to stop by and get inspired yourself!

Life With My Giggly Girls - Stefanie has a great looking school room here. I love her Tinkerbell table! I really love the bins from Ikea and think I am going to make a trip there soon. I know there are some great organizing items from there. Oh, and it's a kitchen store! How could I not make a trip there soon??

Winecup Christian Academy - Mary shows her rooms transition here for you. From start to finish. I love the table in the center and that is one thing we are adding this year. Boo Bear has been sitting at a desk and me in another area. I want us to be able to sit and work together so this is a great addition.

Confessions Of A Homeschooler - Erica's homeschool room is one I drool over ;) . She is another Ikea lover and has lots of great items and tips there for you. She is super organized and I hope one day I can be that organized myself. :)

New Bee Homeschoolers - I love Tina's set up she has going on here. I am a sucker for bright happy colors. I want to add some color to our room this year too. I'm thinking more blues and greens since I have a boy. I would love pinks in there too but not sure he and daddy would go for that ;-).

Meet Penny -  Penny has a great way to organize your homeschool room if you have a small area. She gives you tips and tricks on how to keep everything organized while you are limited on space.

Do you have a post where you share your homeschool room setup? I would love to see it! I will be doing another post soon once our room is finished for this year and show you how we have changed it up. Meanwhile you can look at what we were working with this past year here.

Are you changing your homeschool room out or leaving it the same?


  1. I love looking at other homeschool rooms :) Thanks for featuring my room - it is a mess right now, but I still love it!

    1. I do too Mary! Thanks for sharing it with us! It's an awesome room!!

  2. Replies
    1. Yay for inspiration Audra!! LOL :) Thanks for coming by!


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