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Bible Study Guide For All Ages Review

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For this review I received the Bible Study Guide for All Ages Primary Level curriculum. Studying the bible is very important to me and I have always been on the lookout for a great way to teach my son. We have read bible stories and picture bibles but really getting in the word is critical. The earlier they learn it, to me, the more they can retain it. So when this review came up I was super excited to be chosen! This level is for children in 1st and 2nd grade.

With our review we received the following items:

First we received the Primary Student Pages. The amazing thing is with this level of curriculum your child can study throughout the entire bible in one level. These pages offer teacher portions to read and those for your student to read as well. It helps because each of the students are on different reading levels. The student pages are $5.95 for each section of lessons.

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 We also received the teacher's guide. This is an awesome guide that takes you as the teacher step by step throughout the entire lesson. You can easily guide your student in learning the stories of the bible from start to finish with these plans. I loved how easily these are to manage. You can go with the full plans or you can do the quick start lesson plan. They both allow you to teach your child and help them learn the bible on their level. That is one of the great things to me. My son is learning so much from these and the teachers guide makes it easy for me to teach him. The teacher's guide runs $9.95 for the same section your student pages are on.

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Another item we received was one of our favorites. These are the bible summary cards. These are nice sized colorful flash cards that touch base on every book of the bible. It teaches what the name of the Bible means, what happened in the book and the main points to remember. For example, here is a photo of the very first bible card:

This was one of my son's favorite parts that we worked on. Each day we would go over these facts and I was always amazed at how fast he learns these things! These cards come in two different sizes: 8.5" x 11" or you can color them yourself in poster size that are 11"x 14". Both sizes are the same price at $24.95 and it gives you the whole book of the bible.

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We also received the Children's Song CD Set. This was so much fun! You can listen to these in the car and learn them very quickly and easily. We enjoyed them as they are intertwined into the lessons each day. It's a great way to learn the lesson they are discussing that day. There are 90 songs on these discs that are great to listen to no matter where you are. There are drills, bible stories, songs about attitudes and so much more! These discs are a great asset and a great addition to the bible study lessons. They run $19.95 for the 2 disc set.

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You can use this twice a week but honestly we did it more times than that. That is because he absolutely loved this curriculum. I want to fill him full of God's word as soon as possible. So when we find something that he enjoys and he can learn while doing it, I'm all for it! This is a great bible study for homeschoolers or for Sunday school classes as well. Start having a blast learning God's word and help your child hide the word in their hearts.

How did we use it? What we did was I would go over the lesson plans before class would start. Then we would both work on the student pages to learn the lesson and discover the messages God was getting across to us. We started in the Old Testament and were going through as many pages he wants. The lesson plans say twice a week but you could do more if your child wants. We had a blast going over the songs, learning the lesson, reading the word and doing our bible flash cards.

This got two thumbs way up from us here! Be sure to click the link below to see how others used this curriculum and the other great items that are out there!

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