Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lilla Rose Hair Clip Review- Christmas is Coming!! ;-)

I love pretty hair accessories. There are so many out there and some can get quite expensive. While they might look pretty, they don't always do the job that I want them to. Until now...

A friend of mine in the bloggy world approached me about doing a review for her company. She does this with her daughters and I can see how it would be a ton of fun! The company is Lilla Rose and they offer affordable hair clips, pins and more. They are absolutely beautiful and functional too. When I say affordable, I do mean affordable. They have accessories that start under $10.

The unique design of this clip means you never lose the integral pieces that make it what it is. That's always another problem I run into. When there's more than one piece it inevitably disappears. The Lila Rose clip is beautiful and all in one place.

The first thing my representative suggested was for me to check out the sizing video. No one's hair is just like another so it's nice to see how to size the right flexi-clip for myself. When you go to the website, you will find a styling video that you can watch here to see what size is best for your hair. It's only a few minutes but can really help you choose the right size. I chose a small for my hair. I like putting all my hair up in a french twist so that one looked best. It did work well. I think I will try an extra-small or mini for the half up do. The small was a little loose when it comes to just putting half my hair up. The video says you will need some different sizes for different styles.

Here is my clip when I first got it. I loved it from first sight!!!

Sorry it's not as clear as I would like ;). I had my little photographer helping out. ;-)

As you can see the clip easily holds my hair all back in a ponytail. I am still playing with styles to see what I like best. I really haven't had a problem with it at all.

When my Flexi came I received a lovely note from Jennifer, information on the different styles and clips they offer and also a booklet on how to do the different styles with my new clip. There are also other types of clips beside the Flexi like the You-Pins, Sticks, and Bobbies.

Check Jennifer's site out by clicking here and see what great hair accessories are awaiting you guys! Be sure to also visit her Facebook page and tell her I sent ya. Don't forget that Christmas is coming and these make perfect gifts for all the girls and ladies in your life.

If you are looking for a unique look in your hair accessories, one that is affordable and that offers great support to your hair, Lilla Rose has it! Check with Jennifer and let her and her daughters help you get your shopping done early this year!!

Thank you Jennifer for giving me this awesome opportunity!!!

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