Wednesday, January 15, 2014

When Will I Learn...

I really wonder when I will learn. I know that God will keep giving me these chances to learn because I still haven't gotten it yet. :-)

I'm talking about trusting Him and not taking things into my own hands. You know He has shown time and time again that He will provide what we need. He alone can provide our needs and He WANTS to bless us. He doesn't want us down and out and feeling lower than the dirt. He wants us to know His blessings and His life giving power. He wants us to trust Him fully and live for Him daily.

Okay so this might be confusing. I'll tell ya why I say this. I have had a conversation with God this week about what I should do when it comes to staying home. We are in the midst of praying/discussing whether we are homeschooling next year. My son wants to come back home. He is doing well in school but it's not what he wants to do. He misses homeschool and so do I. So that's been going on. On top of that I have been trying to find ways to stay home still. Whether he is in school or homeschooled, I feel my place is to work from home to be accessible to him. He has issues with allergies and breathing that case issues sometimes. I want to help financially support our family and help out, but I feel like my place should be working at home/around our family. So in my downtimes of worrying about what I can do to help make more money, I took into my own hands. I was job searching... Again. I mean I have done this how many times now? ;-) You would think I would learn. Alas, I am a hardheaded child that God patiently and lovingly reminds, "I have this...".

So today I get an email from someone I used to work for. This lady and I had a great working relationship and have kept in contact after the last job we worked on pittered out. She is in need of a writing team again and asked if I was interested. So the details are still being worked out but this is exciting.

So whenever you think you have to take things in your own hands, stop. Remember that God has got this and works all things together for us in His timing. It may not be our timing but it's perfect timing. I'm so thankful that He's patient with me and my hard headedness. So just keep us in your prayers as decisions are being made :)

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