Friday, February 28, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up : Sick Mama and Sick Kiddo....

This week saw Mama getting knocked out with a cold. It was one of those stinky kind that you aren't totally feeling cruddy but you just can't breathe right and are constantly blowing your nose. Yep. That's me. Then it hit the kiddo. He's still wild and crazy but the snotty nose adventure has taken him over too. Sooo... we did some school this week but not near as much as I had planned. Great thing about homeschooling is we just scooted it over a few days ;). So here's what our week looked like.

We started out the week working pretty good. We worked on Monday and Tuesday and got most of my weekly planning for those days completed. Boo Bear did a test in Literature and aced it. He was so proud of himself and I am too. He's doing really well since he came back home. We just kind of picked up where we left off.

We conquered the chapter on the Sun in our science this week. Molly wanted to help him out as much as possible. They both listened to me reading and she decided when it was time for a break. :)

I love the relationship those two are building. It's truly warming this Mama's heart.

We went to paint pottery at a local place here in town. We loved it and are already planning more paint times and even a mom's night out in the future. The place was awesome and he had a blast. He was a little sad we had to leave  his creation, "Crocy" there for a week to get fired. He's anxiously waiting their phone call that he's ready to pick up. ;)

Last weekend me and hubster got a date. It was fabulous and much overdo. My BFF kept our kiddo for us and we repaid her with a shelf my hubby built for her. She is from Texas and saw something similar to this one and really wanted it. She didn't want to pay what the guy was asking for so she asked my hubby if it was something he could do. I love that he is such an artistic woodsman that he can pretty much build what I ask for (or what anyone else asks for). :) I think it turned out awesome!

We watched several episodes of our favorite show...

I'm very thankful that when I'm under the weather, or he is, that we can adjust our schedule and watch videos like this one.

So while we are getting over this crud we have our Pinewood Derby tomorrow. Prayers that everyone feels good and we are ready to race :).

So how was your week? Check out the links below and see what other homeschoolers did as well!

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