Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I'm Ready to Get Rid Of It!!

I am taking the challenge. Oh my. I really said that didn't I? Well, I need to. We are prayerfully looking to buy a house and settle down. Since we moved here five years ago we have been renting and we feel it's time to settle, for now. As I was sitting there this morning checking Facebook before starting the day, my friend has this pinned on her page. So hopping over to the link I saw what it was and felt like there was no better time than now. I have a bad habit of keeping things that we really, really don't need. Anybody out there hear me?

So since we will be moving sometime in the near future, and it needs to be done anyway, I'm taking the challenge. Whew! There! I said it. So prayers are greatly appreciated. I am much better than I was about getting rid of things, but I can do better :). 

I plan on sharing photos of my journey to less clutter and more organization on here and Our Journey's Facebook page. Be sure to stop by. I'm also planning on sharing on Instagram as well. Just in case you are on there.

Are you doing the challenge? Are you ready to declutter and simplify your life a little during this lent season? Share your journey as well and let's get this junk gone!

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