Wednesday, May 7, 2014

B is for Blue Bird

So yesterday I was talking about my favorite places in our new house. Yesterday I also got my ABC post for this week. B is for Blue Bird. :-) While sitting in the living room taking a break from unpacking, I noticed some major bird action out our front window. This front window is one of my absolute favorite features of this home. See why??

It is huge and I am a sucker for natural light. The bird bath and house was already here when we moved. I added a bird feeder in the same area. Yesterday I noticed that there were two beautiful blue birds fluttering about outside that window. The male was absolutely all over the place. He was flying extremely close to the window and then back again. Molly and I got a real kick out of watching him and his lady friend flutter about all day.

This was as good as I could get because they could see us moving and would fly off when we got too close to the window. Believe me, Molly was on guard and making sure they stayed where they were supposed to.

I love watching the birds and am excited about the possible little family in our birdhouse. The female was in and out of that house hopefully building a nest ;-). I do have to say I'm loving it out here watching all the amazing creatures God created. We have seen giant squirrels, a tortoise, a coyote and these amazing birds. Wonder what else we will see???

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  1. Watch out for your cars! They will poop on them! LOL


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