Wednesday, May 28, 2014

E is for Essentials in Florida

For the ABC Blogging post this week I chose to go with E for Essentials. Living in Florida, there's a few things you always need to keep in your car. This also applies to anyone who might be traveling to the great Sunshine State as well.

A few months ago I asked some of the veteran mom's around me who have lived in Florida longer than me, what do you keep in your car? What are some essential must haves to survive with kids driving around the area? They gave me some great answers and now I'm sharing them with you!!!

A cute beach bag is always great to have in the car but it does not necessarily have to be a beach bag. It could be one of those awesome reusable bags you get at Publix or Wal-Mart. This just simply keeps everything in one place so it's not rolling around in the back of your trunk.

So let's start the list! What goes in that cute bag?

First, an extra pair of shoes is always great. One mom said she keeps sneakers in her bag just in case she has to walk somewhere. One, this is great if you have car trouble. Two, it's also great because Florida has some awesome hiking trails. Everywhere you go there's nature trails to be explored.

Second, you need to keep change or cash on you at all times. There are a few places where you can end up on toll roads, like heading to the theme parks. Sun Passes are great if you frequent them but for people like me, cash on hand is a must. These toll roads vary in prices and offer change.

Another essential is towels. You never know when you might decide to stop at a spring or the beach or a swimming area that your kids (and you) will love. Keeping towels in the car is also great for early mornings at the park when the dew has settled on all the slides.

A few more must haves include bug spray, sunscreen and water. This is always a good thing to have in your car. Sunscreen because you never know when you'll be outside for extending lengths of time. The sun can burn quite quickly and especially on cloudy or windy days. Water just in case you enjoy a hike and need some refreshment along the way. And of course the bug spray because Florida has some HUGE bugs that like to nibble on you. Oh, and the goggles are my son's must have if we ever intend on going in the water.

So what do you keep as essentials in your car? Do you have a car bag all packed? 

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