Monday, May 26, 2014

Super Easy Summer Dessert and a Happy Memorial Day!!

First off, I want to say Happy Memorial Day! I want to say thank you to the many families who have lost loved ones as they fought for our freedoms. I say thank you to the Veterans who daily fight battles still with wounds, both seen and unseen. Thank you to the soldiers still in battle today, serving our country and our family. We will not forget why we celebrate Memorial Day. We will not let our children forget why Memorial Day happens. It's not about parties, beach trips or BBQ's. It's about those who have gone before us to protect us and keep us safe. Thank you is not enough...

I tried a few recipes out this weekend as we had friends and family over. This one was an easy fix and quite simple to do. It's great for a fun family party or a last minute dessert that you have to have for unexpected guests. It only takes a few ingredients and the best part? No cooking! You don't have to heat up your kitchen for an amazing and light dessert.

I got this recipe off of Pinterest and it's courtesy of Housography.

Summer Fun Angel Food
2 8 oz Whip Cream Containers ( or the large one)
1 pre cooked Angel Food Cake
berries and fruit of your choice

First take the angel food cake and slice it in half. I used my bread knife and it made easy work of this. If you have one of those cake cutters in your kitchen, it would work too. Place a layer of Whip Cream on the cake and then a layer of fruit. I used strawberries and blueberries. You could use any combination with it. I want to try it with peaches too.

Put the top layer of the cake back on and ice the whole thing with the whip cream. Then top with the berries as you wish. As many or as little as you like. Then voila!

You have a nice fresh and light dessert that is great after a BBQ or anything else. It's easy, no heating up your kitchen and you can do this in a very short time frame.

What's your favorite go-to quick summer dessert?

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  1. What a beautiful cake and your Memorial Day comments were just beautiful. My husband fought in 2 wars and I am grateful that friends like you remember what the day is about and teach it to their children. Thanks for linking up with "Try a New Recipe Tuesday." I hope you can join us again this week.


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