Friday, May 23, 2014

Week in Review

Happy Friday to ya! This has been a pretty amazing week here in our neck of the woods. We have been quite busy and will be busy this weekend too. It's all been fun stuff but busyness is busyness right? So here's a look at our week :

Last Friday I decided to take DS to a few parks. The idea was that one day a week we will have a fun/field trip type day. Mostly it will be Fridays but like this week, it was a different day. It all depends on what our schedule looks like. Last Friday we went to some amazing new places close to us. This first one is an Indian burial mound. It was a neat place to visit and some amazing sights to see. These stairs lead up to the highest mound they had there.

The view from the top was amazing!!

Have I mentioned how much I love living as close to water as we do now? Course that may change if storms come our way but this is an amazingly beautiful area.

We went to one of the wildlife parks last Friday too. It was so much fun and Boo Bear loved it!!

This week I did some changing around with our school work. When we pulled my son out of school this year we just stuck with what he was used to which was ACE Paces. I know that my son is a highly auditory learner and these are not auditory at all. While I didn't really like them I was trying to make the transition back to homeschool easy for him. While he did want to come back, changing curriculum can be difficult mid-way.

So while he has been trudging along in school, he's starting to remember what homeschool is about. Choosing what we learn, how we learn it, when etc. Long story short, we are changing up what we are doing :-). Don't you love that? You can change it when you need to to help your child learn. So, I'll share what programs we are going into soon. ;-)

For this week, we finished reading the first Seekers book. He has fallen in love with these and we are doing them as read alouds. We started book 2 yesterday. He also loves audio books and I introduced him to the Hardy Boy series on audio. We haven't even gotten half way through the first one and he's in love! ;) I am so glad I'm finding books he enjoys!

We read the chapter on the Moon in Science this week. Of course we couldn't study the phases of the moon without, the phases of the moon ;) So glad we finally got to do this :)

We finished up several math lessons and took yesterday afternoon to go hang out at the water again. I told you we loved the water right?

We also found some cool science stuff there too!!

So how was your week? What fun stuff did you get into this week?

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