Tuesday, June 24, 2014

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Here in our family pizza is a favorite. My son is a huge fan but alas... It doesn't always agree with me. Let's face it... Commercial pizza places just aren't as good as homemade and to be honest, they make me feel yuck once I have eaten them. So in my quest to keep things homemade (and inexpensive), I started making this pizza at home.

I started by making the Easy (E) Bread Recipe from Gwen's Nest. Here pizza recipe can be found here. If you're wondering about the whole E bread then check out the Trim Healthy Mama site. I'm honestly trying to do a combination of that with the Paleo lifestyle from before. I know what works for me and trying to make it easy and simple for us all to follow.

After you have made your dough recipe you simply follow the instructions with the toppings of your choice. For this time, we didn't have traditional pizza sauce and toppings so I improvised. What came out was a yummy delicious pizza recipe I will do again.

BBQ Chicken Recipe

1 rotisserie chicken
cheese of your choice
BBQ sauce of your choice
Any other toppings you may like.

I first followed Gwen's instructions and seasoned my crust with different spices. Spread out your dough on the pizza pan and season as you wish. We used garlic powder, onion, sea salt and some Italian seasonings. Then you bake the pizza crust for about 10 minutes in a 450 degree oven.

While the crust is cooking I shredded the rotisserie chicken. Just pull the chicken off the bone, using the skin if you wish, and shred it.

Once your crust is done, add BBQ sauce to your crust as you would pizza sauce. Then layer your onions, chicken and cheese to your liking.

Put it back into your oven for another 10 minutes while it warms the toppings and melts the cheese. Then you are good to eat it up!

This makes for a great dinner with a side salad. We also made it yesterday for lunch with traditional pizza toppings and it went really fast.

So what's cooking in your kitchen this week? I love trying new recipes so please, share away!!!

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