Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sometimes You Gotta Reboot...

I love homeschooling. I love the time it gives my son and I to bond, grow together, learn together and have fun and exciting adventures.

 Is it always a fun and exciting adventure? Nope. Is it trying at times and does it have me wondering why I'm doing this? Absolutely. But that's the freedom of homeschool. We can have a reboot.

Sometimes that means going off on an adventure somewhere to get us out of the house.

Sometimes that means pulling out some oreos to do a fun moon phase experiment.

Sometimes it means that we go out and eat lunch together to give us a time to get away and just chit-chat.

And sometimes it means we reboot our curriculum and our schedule. The last few months have been wild and crazy. We have bought a house, moved, had camp and have been trying to get all the 2nd grade stuff finished. Well, we weren't really enjoying school anymore. It had become a chore and not something that either of us looked forward to. So we took a break last week to discuss and work on our attitudes and some things around the house. And yesterday we rebooted our schedule.

We have added in our third grade curriculums and are still working on 2nd grade math. Basically Mama got the concept that we need to have more fun, more stuff to do throughout the day to keep us from being bored, AND this gives us a jumpstart on adding more into his day. He's been slowly having more added to his day and it is becoming a longer school day for him. That's both good and bad. He's not used to being responsible for as much and he's also not having time to get bored either. ;-)

So yesterday we started our new schedule and it worked wonderfully. We didn't completely finish school till close to 3:30 but that was with a couple hour break at lunch time to relax. Guess what. That's ok! If we need to take breaks and then get back at it, that's OK. Mama needed to realize that as much as he did.

So, what do you do to reboot your homeschool? Do you change up the schedule? Take a break? What is your go-to when you just need some refreshing?

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  1. I find that hands on projects definitely make the learning more fun. We especially love hands-on math.


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