Saturday, June 14, 2014

Our Week In Review

We made it through another fun filled summer week. :) We had a lot of great events this week and managed to finish another chapter in Math! Wahoo! Our tentative finishing schedule is next month, so keeping our fingers crossed it works that way. 

So here's how our week went:

1. We had a fabulous time catching up with homeschool buddies. We Mama's chatted about homeschool curriculum ideas and the kiddos enjoyed a fascinating lesson about Birds of Prey at the library. I have to say  I LOVE our library programs during the summer. This year's theme is science and we are super excited!

2. As we came home last night from our trip to see How To Train  Your Dragon 2, (fabulous movie by the way) we saw this huge full moon. It was a beautiful sight with the clouds hanging around it. I took several pictures trying to get a great shot and I got a few of them. 

3. I'm loving the fact that I was reminded this week about online classes with Currclick. I'm signing up my kiddo for Marine Biology this summer to see how they go. He is totally into that right now and considering that as his profession when he grows up. I thought it would be a great way to add in some difference in teaching this year too. Add some fun and new lessons to be learned by someone besides Mama. :-)

4. Another thing I would love to add this year is guitar lessons for him. He discovered the new music store close to us and it renewed his desire to learn. I want to harness that desire and passion before it gets covered over. 

5. We got a really cool product to review this week and got started on it yesterday. We had lots of fun playing around with it and enjoyed it. Can't wait to try some new designs and share it with you soon!
Here's a sneak peek!

So has your week gone? Be sure to comment below and check out the other links !

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  1. Sounds like you had a great week! I had hoped that summer would be a little lighter for us on the extra-curricular stuff so that we could buckle down and finish the rest of the 8th grade stuff so that my daughter would be ready to officially start high school in August. The only course we are making progress on right now is our Time4Writing high school paragraph course. The extra-curricular has gone through the roof! This week we had horse back riding lessons twice in preparation for the show on Saturday, and piano lesson. That meant 3 days that we were out of the house. Each of those things is an hour drive--one way! Hard to get school done when you are never home! And some people think "homeschool" means my daughter is isolated and never leaves the house. Can you imagine?! Have a great week next week!

    1. So right! Homeschool probably means we are gone more than others LOL. Sounds like an awesome week you had yourself. Hope you have a great one and thanks for stopping by!!


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