Saturday, August 16, 2014

Weekly Review : Week 2 of School...

So we made it through week 2 of third grade! Whew! This week was a more true week. Field trips, melt downs, the whole 9 yards. We are officially back into a normal homeschool routine!

The week started off weird because I had to go to my three month follow up appointment first thing. Am I the only one that really doesn't like things first thing Monday morning? It seems to throw the whole day off for us and we never get back to what we need to do school wise. So we just invited friends over and had a homeschool pow-wow planning session. ;-)

We had our first field trip this week to Publix. It was our first official field trip of the homeschool year! We were all super excited. The teenagers weren't so excited about the hairnets, BUT they still had a great time. Our group is exploding and we couldn't more excited!

It was pretty easy to follow the balloons through the store. :-)

Boo Bear and I kept on with our curriculum for the three (more like 2 1/2) full days of school we got. I always tell myself to stop stressing because even if it's not bookwork, we're still learning.

The curriculum we got for this year is working beautifully. We are both still loving it and enjoying the lessons more and more. That's always a plus! We had someone interrupting our quiet reading time this week... ;) Somebody took the advantage of him laying down to read as it meant play time.

Silly girl :)

I'm working on eating differently and so far have done well. It's always been an uphill battle for me to lose weight. I am a type 2 diabetic and I have a thyroid problem so it's like my body laughs at me when I say let's get rid of this. This week my blood sugar numbers have been amazing and I'm feeling much better. I have been working with Trim Healthy Mama more soundly this week and it seems to be doing some amazing things. I know many people love it and many people don't so we shall see how it works for us. So far,my sugar numbers are agreeing with it. :) I'm doing more of a Trim Healthy Mama/Paleo twist I think.

Here's something I ate this week. This smoothie was amazing and the only one I have had to fight my son over. He doesn't usually like them but this one was a sure winner. Who doesn't like Strawberry Cheesecake!!

Plus I get to eat cake for breakfast and my sugar loves it. So it's a win-win. I can actually have my cake and eat it too and feel better for it!

This week was our first week with field trips and honestly, it doesn't stop until next summer ;). So we will have lots of trips coming up, a new co-op group and so much more! So how's your school weeks going? I'd love to hear about them!

Weekly Wrap-Up

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