Friday, October 24, 2014

Weekly Review - Field Trips, Games and Candy Corn...

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Well this week was fun :). It has been more hands on learning than book learning this week. And that's okay! We have done some book stuff like wrapping up units with our tests. It gives us a good place to start next week.

This week we had field trips, game building and co-op/park day too. The co-op day is today so that's a great way to end our week.

We tried out some candy corn science this week. I got the really cute printable below from this awesome site. She had some great experiments with that crazy candy. Do you like candy corn? I know my husband doesn't but I can do a little of it. Seems it's one of those things that either you love it or you hate it. So which is it for you?

We carved pumpkins this week too. Sadly, we have to wait till right before Halloween to do this here in the South. If you do it too early  you end up with a rotten pumpkin before Halloween even gets here. Here's our carvings. Boo Bear was super excited because this was his first year to carve it all by himself.

As you can see I'm not near as creative as my hubby. He does these things free hand and I am just blown away every year. His pumpkins are always awesome. I think Boo Bear also did awesome on his pumpkin. I was very impressed.

Our field trip this week was to a local pumpkin patch/corn maze. We had a blast! It wasn't too hot but it was still quite warm in the sun. We got to ride a hayride and feed the cows. Or throw the cow candy at them as some of the kids did. Those big giant faces and long slimy tongues coming at you can be quite scary. :)

We went through the corn maze, rode a huge slide, heard stories and got to have a great time out in the outdoors with our amazing homeschool group.

Finally, I got creative. Remember last week I mentioned needing a mom hobby? Something I could just kind of hide away and do and enjoy? Well I think I might have found one.

Last week I broke out the sewing machine and made a purse. I had a blast and I made another one this week. I'm hoping I can keep practicing and make gifts for Christmas. That would be awesome right? So here it is...

Oh and I think I  mentioned games in the title, right? Yep. Well I volunteered to head up the Trunk or Treat for our church this year. It's tomorrow. They haven't done one like this before so we have no idea how many kids will show up. When I say I volunteered, I mean I also volunteered my husband to do his building thing. Because you know he loves building right? And he's awesome at it! Here's a few of the games he built for the event.

It's sure to be a blast!!! (hopefully) So I gotta run make more games and get ready for co-op day. How was your week? Let me know in the comments below so I can come visit you too!


  1. You made another purse, and you didn't send me a picture or tell me about it? Well....:D

  2. I'm a NAH on candy corn! LOL I've never been a fan! Sadly, we haven't carved pumpkins this year and probably won't. (I just pureed up the ones we grew for pies, breads and muffins this winter...) Great purse!

  3. Not a liker of candy corn....LOVE THAT PURSE! What a fun field trip. We just carved pumpkins last night as it's unseasonably warm here in NY for end of October. Enjoy your week!


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