Monday, December 29, 2014

Goals for 2015...

Is it really almost 2015? I mean didn't we just get through 2013 and into 2014? It seems like just yesterday...

This past year has brought about many changes for us. We have bought a new home. Settled down into it. Started homeschooling last February again. Gotten involved with a brand new amazing church. Lost loved ones and gained new ones.

It's been a crazy busy year. I have had a lot on my mind this past couple of weeks and one of those things is looking forward to a new year. I want to set goals for myself and see them accomplished. Yes the typical get in better health shape is there because let's face it. I want to do that. But there's also a few goals I want to set for myself and keep as well.

Maybe if I put them out there then you guys can help me keep up with them? Well, it's a thought anyway. :) So here are some goals I'm setting for myself.

Professional: This year I want to push myself to do more consistent work with a better schedule. I am trying to find the right fit for me getting work done at my maximum level without feeling like it takes up all my time. I want to continue on the blessings of jobs that God has given me and push myself to meet financial goals I have set for myself.

Personal: Learning to say "no" when I need to. To not overload myself with too many obligations and spend more time on family. Yes the things I do include my family but it's hard to always be running for things other than your own child/hubby.

Get healthier.

I want to see my blog grow this year. Getting the DIY projects around our house started/finished.

Planning: Plan my social media posts, blog posts and get them scheduled so I don't feel tied to the computer.

Organization: Purge unused items each month and keep things simple.

Homeschool: Get a better schedule for us that includes all the extras. Include more extras like music, art, history etc. Not just the basics. When we feel burn out, take a step back and not feel guilty about it.

Motto: One of my favorite scriptures, Philippians 4:13. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. ". I can do these goals I have set before with His help and only with His help.

Word of the Year: Blessing - I want to be a blessing to my family, friends and those around me. I want to see God's blessings on our family this year. I want to remember everyday all that He has blessed us with and all that we have to be thankful for.

So what are your goals? I'm linking up over at Golden Grass with Lisa and others who are sharing their goals.

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  1. So glad you posted and linked up, Jenni! I love your goals this year! I love your word of the year!


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