Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Join in With Michele For 34 Weeks of Cleaning and Organizing

As many of you know I rejoined the crew this year. I'm super excited about what all that is going to hold for our family and hopefully for your's too.

One of the perks of being on the crew is meeting fabulous bloggers around the world like Michele over at Family, Faith and Fridays. I have followed her blog even when I wasn't on the crew and I wanted to share this post with you guys.

Michele is challenging us,(you included) to 34 weeks of Organizing and Cleaning.

Yes. 34 weeks. That means one task per week for you to work on. That's not too much, right? I dont think so. 

I know for me I always have that CHAOS syndrome that the Fly Lady talks about. You know the can't have anyone over because I don't feel my house is in order syndrome? That's the one. While it may not be as messy as I feel it is sometimes, I still panic at the thoughts of unexpected guests showing up at my door. 

I don't want to do that this year. I want the house to be ready to go in a moments notice. I want to invite friends over after library visits because I know the house is ready to go. I want to have people over after church and not worry or tell my kiddo not today because the house is a mess. 

So I'm joining in with Michele this year and we will see how it goes. She will host a linkup each Friday with photos and tips and a new weekly assignment. 

Hopefully you will join in with us and you'll stick around to share your journey. I'm making this one of my goals this year to stick with it. What about you? Do you love to clean and organize? What's your most dreaded chore? 

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