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Great Commission Films, Indoctrination Review

We all have our reasons for homeschooling our children. Maybe we have had bad experiences in the public school system or we just wanted to prevent them from happening. Maybe you just want better education opportunities for your child. Everyone has their own reasons and the latest review I received just help cement the idea in my head. The Great Commission Films movie IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America opened my eyes to things I never knew were going on.  
IndoctriNation DVD Review
For me personally, my reasons for homeschooling my son are possibly milder than others. We haven't been in the public school system so we don't have horror stories. However, my parents are both retired public school teachers and I know what they went through. I also know that I wanted a way for my son to get the best possible education. I know there are things that go on everyday in the system. I have heard the horror stories first hand and those too helped us make our decision.
It wasn't until I sat down to watch the DVD IndoctriNation:Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America that I really got a glimpse into the system. 
The story behind the movie is a homeschool father of seven from Scotland wanted to tour the US and see just what went on in the school system today. Colin Gunn and his family toured the states in a big yellow school bus to talk to educators, leaders and those who have influence in the school systems. 
On Colins journey he talks with historians, teachers who were in the system and pastors who share their stories and heartfelt pleas to Christian families in the government school systems. 
A few of the teachers on the video have lost their jobs due to their faith. One teacher was told to stop saying the name of Jesus and he could keep his job. Another teacher was told the school was afraid her Christian faith would influence other parents and students. 
As you take this journey with Colin and his family, you'll learn about the history of the government run school system. You'll take a step back in time to see how the schools were started and where the first college began. Hear from students themselves who went through the "best schools" in their area and how it impacted their faith and their Christian walk. 
You'll also go over the questions such as shouldn't our children be the salt and light in our school systems? What about being religiously neutral? One of my personal biggest concerns is being safe in the system. 
I think one of my biggest shock moments (one of many) in the film was when the leader of the largest teachers union, NEA was on the video. He was recorded in a meeting saying that the teachers/unions don't do what they do because of the care for the children but because they have the power. 
I sat and watched this myself and my husband is going to watch it with me as well. I honestly encourage each parent who is considering homeschool or public school to take a little while out of your day and sit to watch this DVD. You can buy the DVD itself for $19.95 or you can rent it online for $4.95. They even have where you can watch part of the documentary itself for free online. 
I encourage you to read other reviews by clicking the linky below. Watch it for yourself and take time to see what teachers in the systems are saying about what goes on behind those schoolroom doors. Don't just take my word for it. Give it some of your time and I'm sure it will be eye opening. 
You can find more information out by checking out the IndoctriNation Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages. 
IndoctriNation DVD Review
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