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Heirloom Audio Productions Review

Ever since my son was little, audio books have been a huge hit with him. I can't tell you the number of books/stories we've listened to over the past few years. So when the Heirloom Audio Productions review of In Freedom's Cause came up, I was overjoyed. This exciting audio drama was right up our alley. 
I was excited because this audio book was not simply read to you. This was a production and an audio theater. It was exciting and I could see it all playing out in my mind. My son, he's an audio lover either way but he loves it when they are dramatic and really draw you in. That's exactly what In Freedom's Cause does. 

For this review I received the In Freedom's Cause Single Package. This amazing product includes:
  • Physical CD's of audio production
  • The Study Guide (digital download)
  • Soundtrack (digital download)
  • Printable copy of the Prayer of William Wallace (digital download)
This is the "Real Story of Wallace and Bruce" portrayed for you as a Christian radio theater production. As the producer calls it in the introduction video, "this is the God story behind Braveheart". 

We listened to this daily and it drew you in wanting more. We started listening to it in our kitchen as we worked on school work but I quickly realized this was one we needed in the car. We needed to listen to it more and hear the rest of the story!

We do a lot of driving for classes and outside work so this was perfect to have to listen. My son would rather listen to stories than music, any day. This CD has remained in the car and we have listened to it several times. I'm sure we will listen to it several more.

In Freedom's Cause Audio CD Review

The Study Guide
The downloadable study guide you receive as part of the package is a treasure trove for this audio theatre. For the younger students, and even your older ones, you can help them understand the situations that William Wallace, Ned and Bruce face in this story. 

The guide provides detailed information about the author, G.A. Henty, William Wallace and Sir Bruce. Learn about their lives and what drove them to make the choices they did to fight for freedom. See how William Wallace inspired Sir Bruce to take up the cause for freedom in Scotland.

Each section of the guide offers three distinct ideas to think on. First, there's the listening well section. It will ask questions about what is taking place. The second section is Thinking Further which digs a little deeper into what you're hearing. The third section is Defining Words which are words you'll hear that may need discussing or defining. 

The study guide itself really helps to cement the action that is taking place into your childs mind. This helps them, and you, to understand what is going on and to discover ideas about this time period. 

What we thought:
This was an amazing story! It's an exciting story and one that draws you in from the beginning. Actors you have seen on your favorite shows lend their voices to these characters and make them come to life. My son thought it was awesome and asked me to turn it on every time we got in the car. I highly recommend discovering In Freedom's Cause for yourself if you're looking for exciting history homeschooling curriculum ideas. 

Check out more information on their Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest pages to see how this amazing story unfolds. 

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In Freedom's Cause Review

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