Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thankful Thursday - Learning to Let Go

Today is going to be a few thankful items. I'm  not going to count but I'm going to share.

This past week I had some tests run because my heart rate has been high at the doctor for a couple of years. I always tried to say it's just the anxiety and fear of the doctor. That's most of it.

This week I had tests run because my normal heart rate isn't low enough.

Needless to say.. This past week has been crazy emotional. I have been worried about my heart. Worried if I was having major issues and what would all these tests say.

Worried that I would leave my family early. (yes my mind tends to automatically go to the worst possible scenario there is. )

Worried that I would not like the results of the tests. Worried that I wouldn't be able to do things or that something major was really wrong with me.

Worry. That word. That feeling. That bondage. That fiery dart that the enemy throws at us. At me. On a regular basis. Why? Because he knows it's a weakness. He knows that I'm working on giving all control over God. That I'm trying to let go and let God prove how awesome, amazing and strong He is.

He knows that when I am faced with something that placing worry and fear in my way will cause me to struggle. And that's just what he does.

So this week I'm not only thankful for the positive results of my testing but the lessons God has been teaching me at Every. Single. Turn.

This months' sermon topic at church is Why In The World Are You Worried About That? First message? This past Sunday.

My devotional has been on worry, letting go and giving God control for the past several days. No joke.

My Ultrasound tech that did two of my tests told me I should give it to God because He had it in control. Worrying was what got me there in the first place. :-)

My young adult bible study last night was about the fiery darts and how we have the full armor of God to put on.

I'm telling ya. When God wants to get something through to you He will. Sometimes it takes once. But others, for hardheaded folks like me, it takes a lot more than once.

So today I'm thankful for amazing results and a plan in place to help me relax and calm down.

I'm thankful for this crazy cup of coffee at the doctors office yesterday.

I'm thankful for amazing friends, family and church family that have prayed with me, for me and encouraged me that everything would be alright.

I'm thankful for a son who prayed last night that I didn't have any more stinking tests to do.

I'm thankful for a husband that has let me lean on him and made me laugh even when all I wanted to do was cry and hide.

Thank you Father for teaching me that You've got this!

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