Friday, May 29, 2015

Week in Review - The One With No Kiddo...

Happy Friday! This week has been a bit odd since my kiddo is visiting grandparents this week so I haven't had any homeschool stuff going on. Well, not teaching anyway. I've spent some of this time gathering ideas for our new homeschool year.

 I have several ideas for extracurricular activities this year. So far I have:

  • Homeschool bowling league
  • Drama club (possibly)
  • Science classes like last year
  • Lots of fun field trips
Well, I have good intentions, right? That's at least the plan. Thankfully I already have several of the curriculum items set and here for fourth grade. 

Wow... Did I just say 4th Grade?? Yes. Yes I did. I realized that he was moving up to the upper elementary grades and it sunk in. This is his last year as a single digit age. It's his beginning into the upper elementary/middle school before I know it stage. 

As far as curriculum goes we will be using several items I received for review this past year. I really fell in love with some of the curriculum and so did Boo Bear. That makes it easy for me to use and such a blessing to our family.

Boo Bear is off  having adventures with his uncle, aunt and grandparents. He got to have some first experiences this past week. He got to go to a professional baseball game AND he went kayaking for the first time. He had a blast and I do believe I'm in trouble. Since we live near some of the prettiest Springs in Florida, I see kayaking in our near future. 

Daddy and I have had much needed date nights and got to see the new Pitch Perfect 2 movie. We loved it ! We tried out a new restaurant in town but not sure we were really impressed. Nice atmosphere but a little odd with food and the service just wasn't great. So we will see if we try it again. 

We are also redoing Boo Bear's room. Since we found out some of the allergy issues we have ripped out the carpet and put in new vinyl plank flooring. Now we are painting a mural on the walls. I just wanted to do a single shade but my hubby had high high aspirations for this one. :) 

Here's a sneak peek:

Hopefully we finish it up today/tomorrow and can spend Sunday resting and relaxing. 

So what are you guys up to? Do you quit schooling for the summer or go right on through? I'll be doing some school through the summer as it is just so hot here. This is typically the time we get busy with school stuff and enjoy the cooler months for breaks. 

Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the weather if you can!

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