Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thankful Thursday

311. I'm thankful that my mom does not have to have surgery on her ankle.

312. Thankful for some answers to Boo Bear's allergy and asthma issues. His lungs are good and we learned some of his triggers for allergies. While there are some things that are overwhelming, it's so good to know a direction to go in.

313. Great curriculum that my son actually wants to do. That makes all the difference.

314. The growth in my son. While it's sad to see him grow up so fast, it's awesome to see how he develops and matures.

315. Swimming with my boys. It's a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

316. That I have great friends that are ready and willing to pray for us when things go sideways.

317. For God's protection and mercy. Boo Bear and I faced a very crazy situation this week. Because of God's hand on us we barely avoided a head on collision when a car traveling the opposite direction from us went out of control. We were able to stop and avoid being hit.

318. An amazing husband that you might get tired of hearing me talk about. He's a rock for us both. He's our comedic break. He's our provider and our strength. He's awesome. Just.... awesome

319. For God's peace and comfort. In times of trouble He's our fortress. In times of pain he's our comfort.

320. My dad. When we got the crazy report from the doc on Boo Bear's allergies, he took it from me and made it in terms we could understand. :) Thankful for parents that can help out in the moments of craziness.

So what are you thankful for? Link up your posts below. Please keep them family friendly.

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