Friday, May 8, 2015

Week in Review : Getting Answers

Happy Friday! Wahoo!!! It's here! It's been a long week to me for some reason. I feel ready for the weekend relaxation. How about you?

This week we've been busy getting through a good week of school work. Wednesday we did have the day off due to doc appointments for my little guy. We had a pulmonary function test and also got the results of his allergy blood work. Good news? His lungs are good so it's not a pulmonary issue. Bad news? He's off the charts allergic to things. That's causing his breathing issues. So we have answers on what he's most allergic to and we will go from there. I'm thankful it's not his lungs and we have some direction now.
Patiently waiting...

On the school front we've been moving right along. We celebrated Cinco de Mayo this week with some yummy foods. We had sopapillas, tacos and fajitas. It was really delicious and I think we should celebrate it every week :).

We are moving along nicely in our math program. We added another computer program yesterday to review and it seems great so far. Boo Bear liked it as the lessons were short and sweet. I like it because it's someone actually teaching the areas in a new way, but we'll share more on that later.

Our writing program is going well and Boo Bear LOVES LOVES LOVES the Latin we are working on. It's neat to hear him walk around calling out Latin words or phrases. We are also moving along with our Grammar and it's actually fun too.

This week Mama had an "aha" moment too. I mean I knew it but it just took some reminding of myself. He was struggling with some math problems we were working on. It was subtracting and borrowing with four numbers. He needed some help and was getting frustrated. So I popped out the marker board and we did it together. Boy did that attitude change around fast. He loved it and I loved that it helped him tremendously to understand. Sometimes you gotta change things up from the everyday to get a topic to click.

On the homefront there are some things I'm working on since we found out what he is allergic too. It's a work in progress but hopefully it will help him out some. He has been drawing up a storm. He loves the Art for Kids Hub website and I do too. It's bringing out the artist in him that I was hoping was there. ( His dad is awesome, me not so much). I'm also in the process of redoing our school area which is kind of school related but more home related.

I'm also in a home improvement mood too. Do you ever get those moods? I just have all these ideas and I'm trying to reign them in to go one room at a time.;-). That would be so much easier and the best way to go too.

We have Boo Bear's birthday coming up so this weekend Nana is coming to visit. What about you guys? Do you have plans for the weekend or will it be a nice relaxing one at home?

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  1. Best wishes as you seek answers and treatment for your son.

  2. Having answers is a good start! Wishing you the best as you use the answers to figure out treatment!


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