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Memoria Press: Latina Christiana I Review

Memoria Press Review
This year I have been able to check out Memoria Press curriculum twice. The first was their cursive program which we loved, and now steps in the Latina Christiana I Complete Set. This was another hit in our house!!

If you did not know yet, Memoria Press is a family run company that offers curriculum for a variety of subjects based on the Classical method of homeschooling. They provide homeschool items for subjects like Latin, Penmanship, Science, Math and many more. While we are not strictly a Classical method family here, I do like some of the ways Classical education works. 

What we received...
We received the complete set for Latina Christiana which includes:
  • Student Book
  • Teacher's Manual
  • Pronunciation CD
  • DVD lessons
  • Latina Christiana Flash Cards
  • Memoria Press Review

Student Book - The student book contains 25 lessons and also five lesson reviews. We paced ourselves at one lesson per week. It could go a little faster or slower depending on how fast your child picks up the words and lesson for the week. Each lesson contains 10 words for the week. You learn the Latin pronunciation and what it means in English. Each week you also have a Latin phrase that works in with the week's words. There are review exercises with each lesson to go over what your child has learned for the week.

Teacher's Manual - You have a copy of what your child has but with the answers available to you. The teacher's book also contains daily lesson plans and guides for teaching the Latin lesson of the week. This was a favorite of mine. I love the lessons plans included as it's one less step for me and makes it so much easier to teach.

The teachers book also contains tests for your students, background info on the phrases and a little history to go along with what you are learning.

Pronunciation CD - This is exactly what it sounds like. This CD provides pronunciation assistance with all the Latin phrases, songs and words you will learn throughout this program.

Instructional DVD's - This is a huge help! These are instructional videos for each lesson of the book. The teacher goes over the words, meanings and the grammar lesson for the week. She also helps with the phrase and tells you a little bit about why it is an important part of the history of Latin.

Flash Cards - We received a package of flashcards that go along with each of the week's lessons. You can tear them out with the perforated edges and they have the Latin on one side and the English on the other.

How we used it... Each week we would do one lesson. Since this was our first time learning Latin, we only focused on a lesson each week. Some have said they do more than one but those are typically older students who can grasp them faster.

Our typical Latin day would consist of our beginning sayings which were a prayer, the song of the week and then recitation of each word and meaning. At the beginning of a week's lesson we would watch the DVD lesson as she teaches on what words we are working on. Each lesson also has Grammar lessons that go along with it such as conjugating verbs.

We would spend two days on the lesson and the third or fourth day we would work on the worksheet questions. These questions typically consist of meanings of words, grammar review for the week and derivatives of the words learned.

Generally we would listen to the pronunciation at least once or twice a week to make sure we are saying the words correctly.

What we thought ... My son LOVES it! I do as well but he has been asking to do Latin first before everything else. Everyday. I love the ease of planning. I don't have to come up with the different lesson plans for each day because they already did it for me. It is very easy to work with and the DVD's and CD make it easy to be confident in what you're teaching.

Boo Bear loves learning a new language. He goes around saying the words everywhere and I try to repeat the words and phrases with him throughout the day. It is fun and exciting to learn and work with the program. This has been his favorite subject since we received the curriculum and I have to say I agree with him!

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Memoria Press Review
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