Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thankful Thursday

380. This week I'm thankful that I work from home even more so. I have gotten used to not having to drive somewhere every day and when I do.. Oy...

381. I'm thankful for Boo Bear's theater camp week almost being over. I love how he loves it but Mama is ready to stop driving. :)

382. I'm thankful for the excitement he has over his awesome part. Can't wait to see the play this weekend!

383. I'm thankful for an amazing bible study group. I can't say this enough. Every week there's a new gem of encouragement that touches us all. It's nice to have a group we can open up to.

384. Being able to sleep in in 3...2...1...

385. Coffee. It helps me get going on these long days.

386. Lunch with my honey while the kiddo is at camp.

387. Getting homeschool stuff planned out and ready to reboot in a couple weeks.

386. Looking back at pictures of camp from last time to this time. Here's one of the last times at theater...

 Here's this week's photo of going into camp. I'll share more next week of him in his costume...

387. My crockpot. Whew! On busy days the crockpot is a lifesaver. I love that I cooked one night and fed us for two nights without heating up the kitchen!

388. Coming up with new "recipes". (It was basically throwing things together and it tasted really good)

389. That our routine will be back in a few days.

390. Seeing all the kiddos excited at church about shooting water bottle rockets off last night.

391. A summer thunderstorm

392. Good music while I'm driving

393. Hearing the stories of Boo Bear's experiences at camp

394. Getting together with friends we haven't seen in awhile.

395. Reading a good book

396. New projects I have in the works

397. Fun new reviews for Science that'll be coming your way

398. Laughing with my two boys

399. Surprising Boo Bear with a treat to see Jurassic World this past week.

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