Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thankful Thursday

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340. I'm thankful for an amazing young adults bible study class at church. It's a breath of fresh air every week. Each week seems to talk directly to me as we study through different topics. Last nights topic was prayer.

341. I'm thankful for being able to talk to God just like He's my BFF, because He is.

342. I'm thankful that we can come to Him with all our worries, fears, doubts and He reassures us and helps us get through all situations.

343. I'm thankful for a great group of friends. God has blessed me with some amazing people in my life.

344. I'm thankful for adventures to come

345. I'm thankful for the quiet

346. I'm thankful for the noise.

347. I'm thankful that we finally got the painting done in my kiddos room. Boy was that a wild adventure

348. I'm thankful for a to-do list that never seems to be done

349. I'm thankful for this cutie patootie face. She keeps me laughing, guessing and thinking all the time...

350. I'm thankful for my hubby. This sign fits us so perfectly...

351. I'm thankful for fun reviews coming this summer. We will not have a dull moment!!

352. I'm thankful for homeschooling. That we can still school through the summer but have fun doing it at the same time.

353. I'm thankful that I pretty much have the curriculum we are using for fourth grade.

354. I'm thankful we made it to 4th grade. :-)

355. Coffee to get my morning going on those rough starts...

356. A new job. While it's overwhelming I'm thankful for it. When God closes one door another one opens...

357. A chance to get organized... I can't work in chaos. I know I do sometimes but boy can I think better when things are in their place

358. Summer movies and Summer bowling

359. A fresh new planner

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