Sunday, August 30, 2015

Week in Review: Many Great Memories...

Hey ya'll! This week has been a whirlwind of excitement, family time, and some amazing memories. We had Mimi and Papa come down this past week and spend a few days with us. Plus we got school done, Boo Bear was baptized and we had our dishwasher go out. So it's been a wild week !

On the school front...We began our Florida History curriculum this past week. He really seems to like it and I like how easy it is to plan. I haven't had a real structured history curriculum for him so I wanted to get some in. With the ACE Paces, I found a Florida history curriculum and it is fun and easy to get through. So he's loving it which makes it easy on Mama to get it done.

We also completed the chapter on division in our math and moved onto fractions. Whew! Almost there!! We read through our science learning about the digestive system and also did an experiment with oil, water, and soap to see how bile works. We have another experiment in the works for the first of the week to see how our stomach works. Boys just love all this eeewwyy stuff.

I don't think I shared this pic with you in the past weeks but in case I did, here it is again. :-) This is my kiddos start to his 4th grade year and the things he likes, for now. I hope I can remember to do this every year to see how he changes. It is all happening way to fast for me...

On the homefront one of my favorite things was Boo Bear getting baptized. He and several other children, and two adults, from our church were baptized in the river here. It was his choice and he had been asking about it. I'm so very proud of him. He's an amazing little boy, who's not so little anymore. There was a nice sized crowd watching this amazing time in all their lives. This water is very cold too. So they were all making some faces ;).

I'm so glad God led us to this church when He did. I couldn't ask for a better church family to have supporting us. They support and love my son just like he was their own.

We are very blessed and honored to have them all in our lives.

In other news... I have been doing pretty good on my low carb way of eating. My sugar numbers have come way down. I'm excited to see the next blood test results and hope that they can show the hard work I've put into being better. At least so my doctor can see them ;)

This coming up week starts the craziness of our homeschool life school year. We have science classes start up, once a month art classes are this week, and in a couple week's he'll be on to theater class as well. Whew! I'm already worn out from just looking at the outside of the house schedule. Not to mention getting our regular book work finished and my work, church volunteering.... I can't complain too much though because we love this time of year. It's my favorite and things like the trunk or treat activities, Christmas parade and fall are just around the corner!!

So what have you been up to this week? Check out other weeks by clicking this link and seeing how other homeschoolers are doing.

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