Saturday, September 5, 2015

Week in Review: Simple Week

This one is running a little late, but it's better late than never right? ;-) We had a nice week last week. We celebrated a birthday, got to visit with friends AND accomplished school! I call that a win!

In school this week we finished up the chapter in science on our digestive system and moved onto the nutrition part of our anatomy study. Boo Bear also started his science classes back and had his favorite teacher. He was so excited and it gives me some time to work while he's having fun. We also went to an Art class and will start doing that once a week as well.

We are moving right along with our history study and he seems to really enjoy it. All the other subjects seem to be smooth right now except for Grammar. For some reason, that one always falls to the side. I am, however, working on stopping that as much as possible.

We celebrated daddy's birthday this week. Boo Bear and I made some homemade decorations and cooked him his favorites for dinner.

Boo Bear also decided he wanted to make him a pie instead of a cake. I'm totally for that and we did one by hand for the first time ever. (with the help of the Jiffy pie crust mix)

This is our last week before theater class starts up. Once that happens we'll be running three days a week to classes. Fun stuff! Now if I can just get the delicate balance between classes, running, and actually doing work at home.

On the low-carb eating front  we are all doing pretty well. I have discovered I really like steamed cauliflower and broccoli. I didn't before but now it's a favorite. I'm very blessed to have a hubby that supports me and makes it easy. :) I'm doing this for more than just weight loss, it's a lifestyle change I have to do.

This week looks to be fun and exciting with classes, field trips and fun events on the horizon.

So how was your week? Hope you have an amazing one this week!

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