Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thankful Thursday : Getting Back

It's time I got back to the Thankful Thursday posts around here. It seems life sometimes swallows us up and things get put to the side. This should not be one of those. So it's coming back!

I'm continuing the count to 1000 gifts and hope you can join in!

441. The amazing team I get to play music with every week. We pray for each other, lean on each other, laugh together. It's an awesome blessing to be a part of them!

442. Football season - Roll Tide!!!

443. Delicious new recipes

444. Spending time with amazing friends

445. Seeing this amazing step in my kiddos faith walk. It's such an honor to walk with him and lead him and watch him as he grows.

446. Lazy days at home with no running. Of course they are few and far between now that school is in full swing, but... We love them nonetheless...

447. Amazing LEGO creations.. I love his imagination and what he can come up with.

448. Pumpkin flavored coffee creamer.

449. Sunshine after the rain

450. Visiting with family

451. Fall. Just everything about fall.

452. Great devotionals on my Bible app. Puts it all in my phone.

453. New curriculum !

454. Yummy breakfast that I eat almost everyday. Yes. I eat the same thing because it's easy and because I know how I'll react.

455. My sweet hubby and celebrating his birthday

456. Giggling with my kiddo about the dog's antics. Laughter is truly the best medicine.

457. Grocery shopping in a new store. Yes. I love walking around a nice grocery store with all sorts of stuff to look at.

458. Upcoming field trips

459. Ample work. Thank you Lord for the work You are providing for me!

Take time to count your blessings and see what He's done for you. Counting your blessings helps you to remember all the good, even if times aren't so great. Have a great thankful week!

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  1. Love it! Glad to see it coming back, I missed Thnkfl Thrsdys


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