Friday, September 11, 2015

Week in Review: The One with A Play, Art Class, and Remembering...

Hey! It's Friday! Wahoo! We all made it :). We have had quite a full week and it's the last one before our weeks get totally nuts. Kind of the calm before the storm.

This week  we had our art class, science class, and the kids put on their play at church. Today we have a field trip so more running around is in store. We are excited but Mama is ready for time at the house. ;-)

Our curriculum is moving right along on the schoolfront. He has been doing well with his subjects and I'm proud of him. 4th grade brings along more responsibility and we had some struggles this week but we got through them.

In Math we finally finished up the chapter on fractions so he's in his 4th grade math now, officially! Wahoo! Boy are we both glad to see that one over with.

In art class he painted an owl and I think he's doing great. I can honestly say I do not have much artistic drawing talent at all. Not even a smidge. He totally got that from his dad.

The play they performed on Wednesday night was such a blessing. Boo Bear loves theater and plays as you've probably already figured out. I think he has finally found his niche. He's not a sports kid, he's a theater kid. :) I think that's great!

He played the orphanage director in the play and was quite the good little mean dude. :)

All the kids did amazing and I'm so proud of them. Boo bear starts theater class this next week so that's something he's looking forward to. I finally found a class that does a production at the end of the time he's there. He has moved from simply enjoying the theater classes teaching skills to wanting to do a play. So, here we go!

Also today we remember what 9/11 is and what happened on this day. I remember where I was. What I was doing. I also remember thinking to myself that my future child would learn about this in history books. I don't want our future generations to forget that day. I don't want them to forget the sacrifices made as those firefighters and policemen and women ran into those buildings instead of away from them.

I don't want them to forget the togetherness we all felt as Americans and not what divides us. I want them to remember to take time to pray for those left behind that day without their husbands, wives, mothers, sisters, friends. I have taught him a little more each year about this day and today will be no different.

So I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!! Be blessed! Don't forget to check out the linkup and share how your week went!


  1. Wow, that does sound like a full week. I especially love the owl picture and I always love plays.

    1. Thank you ! He's loving the art class :)

  2. You got a ton done this week. Glad you had a great one. Visiting from Weekly Wrap Up.

    1. Hope you have a great weekend Nita! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Jenni, what a productive week. WOW! Would you come over and link up with My Week in Review? I'd love to have you join us. :-)

  4. Love the owl art work! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I love his owl!! Super cute!! And feel free to link up with us at as well! :)


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