Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Cave Tools: Grill Brush Triple Stainless Steel Bristles Review

You know that we love cooking around here. We love to grill too! [well, the hubby does. I love to eat what he grills. :)] What is the one downside to cooking??? CLEANING up the mess you made. I am always on the lookout for great tools to make the cleanup that much easier. Enter in the Cave Tools newest addition of their Grill Brush with Stainless Steel Bristles.

This new addition is affordable at less than $15.00 to give you a fantastic tool to clean those grill grates. One of the things that grillers have to deal with is the rust that can form on their tools. Cleaning brushes are a great example. They are often times left outside with the grill and the elements can wreak havoc on them. The new design by Cave Tools is rust proof and has been tested through a variety of weather conditions.

This includes a triple row of stainless steel bristles to get the grit, grime, and leftover cooked food off the grill grates for a clean and sanitary grill. They bristles have a unique design that holds them tightly together and they go completely around the brush so you're cleaning is easy and doable from any angle you're at.

The 18"  handle is sturdy and tough made out of heavy duty material for a great gripping surface.

This also comes along with the Cave Tools lifetime guarantee so you can rest assured that this brush will be a great asset to your grilling arsenal.

If you're looking for a great Father's day gift, birthday gift, or a "just because" gift for the griller in your life, this is one tool to make sure they have. It's a great addition to any grilling kit and makes for a great way to keep the grill clean and ready to go.

Be sure to check them out by clicking here and getting your grill brush today! You can purchase them here and use the coupon code : V9BW7SDNNBN for 15% off!

** I received this product free for my opinion. All opinions and thoughts expressed are mine. **

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