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The Trigger Memory Co. Times Tales Review

The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW
We have been having a difficult time memorizing the multiplication tables. When I say we, I mean Boo Bear. The way he thinks is different from me and he works things out very differently. So when we got the chance to review The Trigger Memory Co. digital online product, Times Tales, we were super thrilled!

The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW

Times Tales is a great creative way for your child to learn multiplication facts. Gone are the boring days of repetitive writing and memorization. In steps an amazing new idea to help your child learn those pesky 9-times tables, 7-times tables and more. All with some fun and interesting stories thrown in.

What we received:
We received the digital downloadable product of the Times Tales curriculum. You can also purchase the physical products which includes the same materials in your download. I personally like downloadable information because you have access right away. There's no waiting for your packages to arrive!

The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW

Once we received our download we got started right away. The program comes with two separate video segments that teach the stories and method of the Times Tales way. Boo Bear sat down and watched the first one as soon as he could. It's recommended that you work on one video and then do the follow up worksheets for about a week or so before moving on to the next one. That's what we did and it worked well. It helped him reiterate what he learned in the first session before adding more to it.

The downloaded PDF files include items such as flashcards to print out, worksheets to help you remember the stories, and even tests to see how your child is doing with the concepts introduced. It makes it very easy and simple to help your child learn the upper times tables without the frustration, and often times tears, that can come with more traditional routes.

How We Used It:
After downloading the information, Boo Bear would sit and watch the video. Sometimes he watched it more than once just to make sure he was getting the concepts. The videos are interactive and ask your children questions along the way to help you know that your kiddo is grasping the concept. The videos are interesting and silly and the stories are created with a form that helps your children memorize them easily.

After he watched the video, I would have the printouts ready and he could work on those throughout the week. The fun thing is these printouts went with us as we had lots of traveling to do with this review.

What We Thought:
We really enjoyed the product and the interesting stories that come along with the facts. Learning multiplication can be difficult and its nice to have a fun exciting way to approach it. The Times Tales program focuses on the upper times tables which is the ones that most of us have difficulty with. I love the fact that he can go back and refresh his memory as he moves through his homeschool math curriculum with these amazing program.

If you're having trouble with multiplication in your home, this is a great affordable way to help your child nail down those tricky upper tables.

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Times Tales by the The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW
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