Sunday, May 22, 2016

Menu Plan: May 22nd-28th

Happy Sunday to ya! Just wanted to give you a recap of the past week's meals and share the new plan for this week. Thankfully I can say we are "on plan" most of our meals. Boo Bear does have a few crossovers and off plan items but that's because he's a growing kid. With him, I'm trying to teach him healthy eating and to make good choices. For me, I'm seeing some changes in myself but trying not to focus on numbers on the scale right now. I know it takes time to heal what I've done and being a diabetic with a thyroid condition, my numbers will be slow to move. BUT... I do have some NSV(non-scale victories) I'll share.
  • My blood sugar numbers are staying very strong and steady. They are holding where they should be and meals do not have a negative impact.
  • I have felt better the past week or two than I have in a while. I'm noticing way more energy. I was able to rearrange/organize our pantry this week, organize Boo Bear's MASSIVE LEGO pile, and help him get his room cleaned up. I have also been able to work in the afternoons. Do you understand what that means? Work in the afternoon is nearly impossible for me because of my brain fog that sets in. I've been able to stay up and feel good all day long!
  • I can see shrinkage in my waist. We all know we have those tell tale signs for when you're bloated etc. (just getting real folks). Well those are shrinking :)
Recap of the Weeks Meals
So you can take a look at what our week's meal plan looked like last week by clicking here. Due to some work related events with  my hubby, we didn't quite have the same meals I had planned so some of them will be on this week's plan.

I tried a few new recipes this week and they were all winners! This one was one of my favorites and is on the menu again for this coming up week .:)

Buffalo Chicken Blue-cheese Wedge Salad from Peace, Love, and Low-carb

I also tried the Trimtastic Cake from the THM cookbook, a few different shake flavors, and everything was a hit!

Meal Plan for this Week:

Meal planning necessities

So here's this week's plan. I do them in groups of dinners, lunches, breakfasts so that I can pick and choose whatever we feel like for the day.

Breakfast -
Bacon and Eggs - S
THM Pancakes from new cookbook _ E
Muffin in a Mug - S
(a lot of days we have bacon and eggs but I try to vary them. I may make some muffins this week and will keep you posted)

Buffalo Chicken Wedge Salad from Peace Love and Low Carb - S
Turkey and cheese wraps with low carb wrap _ S
Pizza on Lavash - S
Salad in Jar - S

Roast in the CP with veggies - S
Chicken Alfredo from Cookbook - S
Burgers and Hot dogs on the grill with salad - S
Cowboy Grub - E
Slow Fajitas - S (THM crockpot recipe)
Chicken Tenders - with rice - E

I try to vary but you'll notice a lot of S type meals. Being a diabetic the E's can give me some higher numbers but I'm in the process of learning to do those meals with a slightly lowered amount of carbs to be kinder to my sugar. I'll keep you posted on that as well.

So how did your week look?

**Unsure what E and S meals are? Check out the Trim Healthy Mama Plan by clicking the link. **

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