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Science Shepherd : Introductory Science Review

Science Shepherd Review
We love science here in our house. That's our favorite, FAVORITE subject. Recently we were blessed with the opportunity to review a science program from Science Shepherd called Introductory Science. This program combines online videos and lessons with a workbook that we received to do a full program science curriculum for the younger elementary age. This works best with ages 6-11 and you can work at your own pace.

Science Shepherd Review
What we received:
We received the Level B physical workbook for the videos and a year long access to the online program videos. I chose Level B because it's for the older kids on the end of the grade range. Boo Bear is 10 so this one fit him perfectly.

How we used it:
The program consists of daily video lessons that are short and goes along with a page in the workbook to help make sure your child understood the concepts of the lesson. The lessons are fairly short, just a few minutes, and they are scheduled for one daily with the workbook concepts. Most weeks have five daily videos but some have extras where you can do experiments on the lessons that you're learning.

The program is set up to be a full curriculum for homeschool science. It covers concepts such as meteorology, Earth Science, physical science concepts and even life science. We have learned about weather, seasons, temperature and precipitation.

There are a variety of activities in the book to help your child remember the concepts covered. Those include items such as crossword puzzles, multiple choice questions, and experiments or activities covering the lessons learned.

We also went over the scientific method which is a key of any science experiment. You have to know the process to get your answers to the most intriguing science questions.

One of my favorite things about this online homeschool science is that God is woven in throughout the program. It starts off with creation videos and talks about how God was the greatest scientist there ever was. I love a program that can keep God intertwined like that. My son has asked those deep questions of how you can be a scientist and still believe in God and these type of studies help him to understand that everyday. It's important to me as his mom to provide those answers to him. We are thankful to have people surrounding us that can help show him that in everyday life, but having a science curriculum reiterate it is amazing!

What we thought:
We both enjoy this video science curriculum. Boo Bear can watch the videos on his laptop and then work on the workbook. I go over the answers with him and we can choose to dig deeper if he is enjoying the topic or move on to the next one. I love that he can move at his own pace with this program. While the program is set to be a full 36-week curriculum, he can move faster or slower if he chooses. I also love that it is a full science curriculum covering a variety of topics. I am planning on using this throughout the summer to the end so that we can make sure we do not have gaps in our science learning. (Boo Bear knows more about animals than anyone I've ever met but there's more to science than animals :))

We really enjoyed working with this program and that it's an easy lesson to do each day. We can do one lesson or four if he chooses. That seems to be the only problem we had ;-). He wanted to watch all the videos at once!!

I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a Christ based online homeschool science program. You are sure to love the videos, questions to work with and the fun experiments along the way.

Check out the link below to see what other options are available and how the Crew used this homeschool science. Also check out Science Shepherd out on social media with the links below.

Science Shepherd Review

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