Saturday, May 28, 2016

Menu Planning and Recap

Welcome back! Grab your GGMS (Good Girl Moonshine) or coffee and sit for awhile! I wanted to come by and give you a weekly update on how our menus went last week and also share what this week looks like as well. We are trying all sorts of new things around here and some work, while others, not so much. ;-) But, I want to be real with you so we will share the good and the not so fabulous. Sound good to you?

Okay, so first for the recap of last week. I feel like we stuck pretty well to our menu plan. There were a few things we changed up but that's the beauty of food freedom, and having a plan in the first place. You can find our menu plan for last week by clicking here.

As for the things that worked well, the buffalo blue chicken wedge salad we shared last week was a hit. My hubby and I both loved it and it's on the menu for this weekend again. Our lunches were pretty much what I had on the menu last week.

Dinners - I make a plan and sometimes we stick to it and others we change it up. For this week we did the slow chicken fajitas and they were very delicious! Everybody loved those. We also had the grilled items and so we had leftovers for a day as well. Because I did the chicken fajitias I didn't quite have everything I needed for the Cowboy Grub so I'm still working on that one. Also I switched it up since we had chicken once already and did the Swiss Meatballs in the new THM Cookbook. They were very good. We also tried the Princess Taters (hint they aren't taters.) and those were not such a hit here. Not that they weren't good but I found I prefer cauliflower as a substitute for taters and not radishes. At least not in mashed form.

Breakfasts we stayed pretty much on plan, with the exception of trying a new recipe yesterday. Oh my!!! Cinnamon rolls are something I have thoroughly missed. Yes I have eaten them here or there over the years and I  have paid for it afterwards. But not anymore!!! Briana Thomas shared her cinnamon roll recipe on her blog and we tried it out. F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!

I no longer have to sit on the sidelines and miss my favorite!! I'm so thankful I tried this one out. Don't let it scare you. This is very similar to a fathead pizza dough if you've ever tried that one. It's very delicious and worth it!!!

I also found some other favorites this week:
  • All day sippers - slushies. I love the GGMS but I have fallen in love with these slushies in the book!
I'm really loving all the energy and clarity I'm feeling as well. When I tell you before that I had to not work in the afternoon, I mean it. After work in the morning, homeschooling, and lunch... I was done. I have been able to do some work in the afternoons, go all day without a nap and go for later evening walks with my kiddo. That alone is worth every second I spend planning, checking labels and making sure I sort things out so they are easy to do.

So, enough chit-chat.. Here's what you came for! The bones of the menu plan for this week!

  • Heaven on a plate (affectionately named by my kiddo) - S
  • Cheeseburger Pie from the new cookbook - S
  • Chicken Alfredo - S from cookbook
  • Grilled items over the weekend ( my hubby loves to grill and I love to let him)
  • Roast - S
  • Leftovers
  • E-Sandwiches with plan approved bread
  • Salads
  • Wraps - Pizzas (I think my son could eat pizza everyday and sometimes, he does. But that's okay when we do it the THM way)
  • Cinnamon rolls - S
  • Bacon and eggs and GGMS
  • Mufflettes from the new cookbook

So that's what our week looked like and what our upcoming one will, Lord willing. Hope you have a blessed week ahead!!!

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